Fire OG Kush Strain Information & Review

Sophia Delphi December 05, 2022 - 6 min read
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Fire OG review

OG Kush strains aren’t known to be shrinking violets. They’re revered in the weed world for their potency and hard-hitting effects. And Fire OG (sometimes called Fire OG Kush) may be the most powerful of them all.

This dank weed is indica-dominant (typically with a 70/30 ratio) and its THC content is normally in the 20%+ range, making both its energetic cerebral euphoria and its intense couch-lock and sedation among the strongest you can find. Many users only need a couple of tokes to feel Fire OG’s full effects.

The sensory experience is outstanding as well, with citrus and spice mingling with the funky earthiness. Even looking at this bud can be exciting, as the “fire” in OG Fire is contributed by vibrant orange and red pistils under a thick blanket of frosty trichomes.

Effects and Side Effects

Buckle up; this is going to be a fabulous trip.

There’s no secret that after your first hit, euphoria hits your brain with lightning speed. It’s an uplifting, stimulating, and often creative head high that eliminates stress and daily cares as easily as if they were made of dust. The “brain buzz” from OG Kush often manifests as a literal buzz, energizing and exciting.

That feeling quickly spreads to the body, and the nature of the experience shifts as the strain’s asserts its physical side with an incredibly relaxing full-body melt. The happy cerebral high remains, but you’re likely to be locked to the couch in short order. The complete relaxation sinks deep into your bones until you eventually give in to the sedation — and often, into sleep.

It should be clear by now that OG Kush isn’t a daytime strain, even for experienced users. The power of the brain melt is simply too strong for anyone to be able to work through it. This is a weed that’s ideal for evening (or late night) use; it may lead to some stimulating conversations among friends, but it’s not conducive to any type of real activity.

Newer users should probably shy away from OG Kush until they’ve had more experience because even dedicated stoners can be totally wiped out from just a little of this bud. Newbies could find themselves in trouble from dizziness, greenout, racing thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, or paranoia. The same is true for anyone with existing anxiety problems.

In fact, those side effects can hit long-time smokers if they get their hands on potent OG Kush, too. And all users can expect cottonmouth, dry eyes, and a good chance of becoming dehydrated. Have plenty of water on hand along with munchies.

Positive Effects:

  • Energy: 3/5
  • Creative: 3/5
  • Pain: 5/5
  • Stress: 5/5
  • Sleep: 5/5
  • Mood: 5/5

Negative Effects:

  • Paranoid: 3/5
  • Dry Mouth: 5/5
  • Dry Eyes: 5/5
  • Lethargy: 5/5
  • Cough: 3/5

Bottom Line: Fire OG doesn’t screw around. It delivers an extremely potent, euphoric head high followed by even more potent full-body relaxation that normally leads to sedation and eventually to sleep. This is not a weed to take lightly, and not a strain for new users.

Medical Conditions

Medical marijuana users who’ve had the opportunity to try Fire OG are likely to tell you this is the best cannabis they’ve ever used.

They say the strain’s euphoric effects can easily eliminate even long-time issues with stress, anxiety, and depression (be careful, though, if you already suffer from anxiety; it could worsen with the use of Fire OG). Patients with insomnia love this strain and its ability to knock them out in a hurry, and it can help anyone with a low appetite feel like eating.

Fire OG’s body punch shouldn’t be ignored, either. MMJ patients say it’s terrific for their chronic and serious pain and migraines, and even better for nagging joint and muscular aches and pains. The strain is also believed to help relieve nausea.

Flavor and Aroma

The scent of Fire OG is pungent and distinctive. There’s an overall citrus aroma (some compare it to the smell of Lemon Pledge) with earthiness and spice as accents, along with undertones of herbs and wood. When burned, the flower smells a little like pine as well.

The strain’s flavor is just as identifiable. The earth and citrus are prominent, and the earth, wood, and spice are balanced by a touch of fruity sweetness. There’s a little diesel in the taste, too.

Flavor and Aroma Ratings:

  • Earthy: 4/5
  • Citrus: 4/5
  • Fruity: 2/5
  • Spice: 3/5
  • Wood: 3/5

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Don’t be fooled by Fire OG’s “average” THC levels of 20%.

Not only might your dispensary sell a batch with a higher THC level than that, but the numbers also don’t begin to tell you just how potent this strain really is. It might be the best example that there’s much more to “potency” than just THC. CBD levels are usually closer to zero than 0.5%; CBG is the only other major cannabinoid with a greater presence.

Terpenes that are represented at high levels include myrcene, limonene, linalool, carene, caryophyllene, and pinene.


Fire OG showed up on the market in the 1990s, but no one is quite sure who was responsible for first breeding it. The strain is the product of crossing two other famous OG Kush strains, the original OG Kush and SFV OG Kush (the SFV is short for the San Fernando Valley area of California).

Each of those strains has characteristics and effects quite similar to those of Fire OG, so it’s not surprising that this weed is — in many ways — an even stronger version of each of the parents.

Where to Buy Fire OG Seeds

You won’t have any difficulty finding Fire OG seeds online. Home Grown Cannabis, ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana), SeedSupreme, and Irvine Seeds are among the many outlets offering feminized seeds to home growers. Home Grown Nursery, Strain Bank, and the Clone Conservatory all offer clones for purchase online.

Similar Strains

May we suggest OG Kush or SFV OG Kush, for reasons we’ve just mentioned? Others you can check out include Triangle Kush, Platinum OG, and The White.

Fire OG Strain Review: FAQ

Q: Can you grow Fire OG at home?
A: Just as the strain isn’t recommended for inexperienced smokers, the crop isn’t recommended for inexperienced growers. It’s notoriously tricky to manage, requiring carefully controlled temperatures and humidity — and it doesn’t produce large crops. You’d do better buying it at a retail outlet.

Q: How much is an ounce of Fire OG?
A: Prices vary, of course, depending on where you live, whether you’re growing from a dispensary or street dealer, the quality of the weed, and the available supply. $150-$200 per ounce is a good average starting point.