8 Things to Smoke Weed Out Of

Sophia Delphi August 09, 2022 - 8 min read
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When you were in high school or college, there was always that one guy who could get a laugh out of everyone else.
They might have screwed with the teacher’s coffee, or sucked jello through their nose in the lunchroom. Maybe they ordered pizza to show up at the classroom, like Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, or imitated John Belushi in Animal House and shoved their entire lunch into their mouth all at once.

Those same guys were the ones who always showed up at parties – with something crazy to smoke weed out of. No joints or one-hitters for these class clowns; why use the bong that everyone else is sharing, when you can smoke out of an apple?

You may be too sophisticated to use a makeshift pipe these days. Now that you’re a “grown-up,” you may be into dabbing or fancy vaporizers instead.

On the other hand, you may be just about broke. In that case, who can afford rolling papers when they’ve already spent all of their money on weed?

Either way, let’s explore the many things you can smoke weed out of. At the very least, you can show up at your next party and get a big laugh from everyone who remembers using an apple pipe back in high school.

1. Joints and Blunts

We’re starting with the sublime options, before moving on to the “ridiculous.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t smoked a joint, even if they’re not coordinated enough to roll their own. Depending on your age or who you hung around with, you may have started with blunts instead of joints; to clarify for the vape generation, the only real difference is that joints are made with rolling papers, while blunts burn slower because the pot is put into cigar wrappers. We can probably include spliffs, which have tobacco mixed with the weed, in this category as well. If you run out of rolling papers, you can also use a gum wrapper as long as you peel off the foil part first, or hollow out a cigarette to make a joint or spliff.

2. Pipes

You could describe smoking out of an apple as using a homemade pipe, but here we’re focusing on “real” pipes. They can be made out of any material, from ceramic or clay to metal or glass; they can be one-hitters, chillums, or spoon pipes. They can even be classic tobacco pipes, if necessary (or if the goal is a classy look). And for a really powerful hit, a steamroller (a cylindrical glass pipe with both ends open and the bowl built into one end) is hard to beat. On a budget? If you’re handy, you can fashion a pipe out of tin foil – or simply take apart a pen and use that as a makeshift pipe instead.

3. Bongs

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Some people will tell you a party isn’t really a party until after you’ve had a few bong rips. What they don’t realize is that the bong water doesn’t just cool and filter the smoke, it also filters out some of the THC. Even so, this water pipe is a great way to get high with friends, no matter what material your bong is made from or what it’s shaped like. Portable bubblers are a cool hybrid of bongs and pipes; they work basically the same way, but you won’t need a four-wheeler to carry one around. What about gravity bongs? We’ll get to those shortly.

4. Vaporizers and Vape Pens

What’s the difference? The simple distinction is that vaporizers are the big, complicated ones, and vape pens are the small ones you can carry with you. They both do essentially the same thing: they heat the flower instead of burning it. There are numerous advantages to vapes. They’re better for you because you don’t inhale the tar and other bad stuff that’s in smoke; they preserve all of the THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis; and there’s no chance you’ll accidentally burn yourself when you’re totally blazed. They’re the most expensive option, though, and you may feel like you need a college degree to figure out some of the most complicated vaporizers.

5. Fruit

OK, it’s time to talk about the fun stuff. (Or maybe it’s just the “last resort” stuff.)

Smoking weed out of an apple is the most common variation, but other solid fruits like melons can work, too. This device is normally made by using a pin to poke two connecting “tunnels” in the apple, one on the top (remove the stem first) and one on the side. You then fashion a small bowl around the top hole, fill it with your pot, and drag it from the other hole. Bonus points: if all you have is skunk weed, the flavor of the apple will improve the taste…a little. You can also use this technique to smoke out of an empty toilet paper roll, covering one end with tin foil and using it as your “bowl.”

6. Soda Containers

You can smoke out of either a can or bottle, depending on what you have handy.

For a soda can, first, bend the can slightly (or for those who got our Belushi reference earlier, hit the can on your forehead, as Bluto did). Poke one hole into the indentation, and another elsewhere on the can’s side to be used as a “mouthpiece.” Put your weed into the indentation and smoke up. Careful; make sure the mouthpiece hole isn’t jagged.

A two-liter soda bottle can be used in two ways. You can make a simple bong by wrapping a small piece of tin foil (with several tiny holes poked into it) around the mouth of the bottle, to hold the weed, and a much larger “mouthpiece” hole toward the bottom of the bottle.

Or you can make a more complicated “gravity bong” by putting the bottle (with half of its bottom cut off) into a larger container of water, and turning the bottle cap into a makeshift bowl. When you lift the bottle most of the way out of the bigger container, the smoke will be trapped inside; take the cap off and inhale the smoke. You may want to watch a YouTube video to get the full picture. And if you get bored with the gravity bong, search for directions to make a “waterfall” bong from your soda bottle.

7. Hot Knives

Many people swear by this one, but we’ll let you try it and tell us how it goes. Heat two knives on the stove. Then put the flower on one knife, squeeze it with the other, and directly inhale the smoke that’s produced. Pro tip: don’t try this one when you’re already high.

8. Use Your Imagination!

As the ancient stoner proverb says, you can smoke weed out of anything. Some people put Starburst candies onto a skewer to fashion a homemade pipe; others attach a gas mask to the top of a bong to get blasted out of their minds.

Once you’re baked – and ideally with a group of like-minded friends – trust us. You’ll be able to come up with dozens of ideas for things to smoke weed out of. Not all of them will work once you’re sober enough to try them, but just imagining them is most of the fun.

Things to Smoke Weed Out Of: FAQ

Q: Will using some of the more “esoteric” techniques still let you get all of the smoke?
A: It depends on how well you build your makeshift pipes, bongs, or other smoking tools. Make sure to include an extra hole, when appropriate, to be used as a carb. Being able to cover and uncover the carb with your thumb as you smoke will make a huge difference.

Q: A friend tells stories about once making a blunt out of a flower. Is that really possible?
A: Yes, it’s usually done with rose petals, which have to be baked (in the oven, we mean) and carefully constructed into rolling “paper” in order to work. Those who are into crafting will probably have the most success with this one, which does contribute a terrific floral scent and taste to weed.

Q: Will people laugh at me if I show up with an apple weed pipe?
A: Probably. And then they’ll ask for a hit.