15 Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Sophia Delphi May 11, 2022 - 7 min read
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A girl is happy from smoking weed

With the continued greening of America, it might be easier to compile a list of celebrities who don’t smoke weed.

There have always been famous marijuana devotees, of course. Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg would obviously have been all-time greats in their respective musical worlds, but their public embrace and promotion of weed elevated them to mythical status in the cannabis world.

And it would be impossible to remember the late, great Bob Marley and Peter Tosh — on stage or off — without their beloved ganja.

However, as legalization has swept large swaths of the nation, the number of actors, musicians, and other celebrities who’ve publicly admitted their regular weed use has soared.

Here’s a rundown of the ones you probably knew about, the ones you suspected to be lovers of the green, and some who might surprise you.


We’ll start with brief looks at the big names we’ve already mentioned.

Snoop Dogg

We won’t belabor the obvious, but Snoop loves his weed.

From his lyrics to his embrace of the topic in virtually every interview and TV appearance he’s ever done, from his weed cookbook From Crook to Cook to his weed brand “Leafs by Snoop,” it’s impossible to tell where the rap star ends, and the marijuana entrepreneur begins.

And he likes it that way.

Willie Nelson

You can tell someone is a musical legend when most people can immediately start listing their hit records.

But when fans can also start rattling off favorite stories about the legend’s weed use, you know they’re a “crossover artist.” Whether it’s having been busted for possession at the age of 77, smoking up (with the president’s son) on the roof of the White House, or beating Snoop in an infamous Amsterdam smoke-off, Willie checks all the boxes.

Bob Marley and Peter Tosh

They’re the best examples of the intersection of reggae, Jamaican culture, and ganja, but they’re far from the only reggae stars to be identified with weed use.

Marley was as outspoken about marijuana (in his songs and in-person) as he was about social causes, and Tosh’s Legalize It became an anthem of its day. Today, Shaggy, Sean Paul, and Marley’s son Julian carry on the tradition.

Lady Gaga

She smokes to manage stress and the pain of her fibromyalgia but also to spur her creativity. It was back in 2011 when she opened up to 60 Minutes about using weed while writing music. Still, her appreciation of the medicinal benefits of cannabis came out in a later Netflix documentary.

How much does Gaga smoke? In that documentary, she described hanging out with Beyoncé and Jay-Z — and the “panic attack” Beyoncé had while watching her smoke everyone else under the table.


Anyone who spends much time on social media has seen photos of Rihanna proudly smoking up; she says she does it “to tell the truth about herself.”

Whether she’s at a high-end party or in a hot tub, a glass of wine and a blunt are her constant companions. She’ll never top the most iconic photo of all time, though: Rihanna rolling a blunt on her bodyguard’s shaved head at Coachella.

Wiz Khalifa

If Rihanna is the queen of weed selfies, Wiz Khalifa is the king of weed videos, which regularly show him toking on fatties.

Wiz says he spends $10K per month on herb. One fan took time to do the math and figured out that would equal an average of 36 fat joints per day. At least he doesn’t have to spend extra pocket change on rolling papers since he sells his own branded hemp papers on his website.

Also Receiving Votes: Madonna, Queen Latifah, Jay-Z, Cardi B., Bob Dylan, Melissa Ethridge, Toby Keith, Lil Wayne, and Miley Cyrus.


Obviously, this is just a small sample.

Seth Rogen

Do we really have to explain?

Matthew McConaughey

You knew he wasn’t just playing a character the moment he said, “Alright, alright, alright,” in Dazed and Confused, right?

If not, you also knew it from his discussions of weed on Jay Leno’s show, or when the story broke, he was arrested for suspected possession at 2am, playing the bongos — at his own house.

Megan Fox

Not only has she been voted “Sexiest Woman in the World,” she may be one of Hollywood’s most vocal cannabis advocates. She told an interviewer almost 15 years ago, “I can’t tell you how much bullsh*t I’ve been through because I will openly say I smoke weed.”

Brad Pitt

Anyone who loves weed more than Angelina Jolie has to make this list. It’s been reported the power couple broke up because Brad wouldn’t give up the herb after they had kids.

Pitt has said he spent most of the 1990s just hanging out and getting stoned, and he’s apparently a pro, too; Bill Maher says Pitt rolls the most perfect joints he’s ever seen.

Zoë Kravitz

Most of us spent our time in Covid lockdown doing the same thing that Zoë says she did: watching movies, cooking, and smoking weed.

The star has indulged for many years, with permission from her superstar parents. As a teenager, the first time she told mom Lisa Bonet that she was smoking, Lisa offered her a joint. And Zoë says that Bonet and dad Lenny Kravitz had a “drugs and sex” talk with her: “Here’s some drugs, don’t have sex.”

Dave Chappelle

No secret here if you’ve watched his shows, seen his movies, or heard his interviews. We had to put him on the list just so we could mention two anecdotes, though.

He says one of his live shows crashed and burned because he was so high, blaming it on the “very strong” weed he’d been smoking with rappers right before going on stage. And he says in his younger days; he got his supply from someone who would become even more famous: Idris Elba.

Bella Thorne

Miley Cyrus certainly isn’t the only Disney alum to love the green.

Bella Thorne not only smokes up with friends, but weed is also part of her lifestyle. How do we know? Well, she’s released her own cannabis line, Forbidden Flowers, and she’s also told interviewers that she has a dedicated area in her kitchen specifically for marijuana.

Morgan Freeman

The veteran movie star is outspoken in his support for the full availability of medical marijuana in America, saying it’s the only thing that provides relief from his fibromyalgia.

He’s not alone, but his best quote on the subject is one you won’t hear from most celebrities: “How do I take it? However, it comes! I’ll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it!”

Also Receiving Votes: Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Woody Harrelson, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz (who bought from Snoop when they went to high school together).

Celebrities Who Smoke Weed: FAQ

Q: What about celebrities who aren’t musicians or actors?
A: We could have written an entirely separate article listing them, although most aren’t as honest as musicians and actors about admitting that they still partake. There are lots of politicians who admit to having smoked weed, from Barack Obama and George W. Bush to Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz; writers from Hunter Thompson and Jack Kerouac to Stephen King and Maya Angelou; and academics like astronomer Carl Sagan and the biologist who discovered the structure of DNA, Francis Crick.

Q: Didn’t Shakespeare and George Washington smoke?
A: Shakespeare might have. Scientists found a number of tobacco pipes buried in the garden of the home where he used to live, and there was cannabis residue in eight of them. The Washington thing, though, was fake news based on a satirical article published in the 1970s. He, Adams, and Jefferson all raised commercial hemp, but there’s no evidence that any of them ever smoked weed.