Best Smell Proof Bong Bags Reviews in 2023

Sophia Delphi April 06, 2023 - 7 min read
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Green bong bag on the table in blurred background

It’s difficult to throw a great party unless you have the right ingredients.

For some, that means having awesome food and drink. For others, it means fabulous décor and live entertainment.

But for the right kind of party, with the right kind of guests, it could mean having a bong.

Naturally, a bong isn’t required equipment when you’re entertaining like-minded friends. But it encourages people to gather and talk, laugh — and get high. At the very least, it lets you feel like you’re back in high school or college.

Some people prefer using a bong regularly. It delivers cooler, purer, more full-bodied smoke. Many believe that filtering the smoke through bong water is healthier. Bongs are cleaner and prettier than most other pieces, too.

There’s just one problem: keeping your bong safe. Glass can break no matter how careful you are.

How do you prevent bong accidents? By using a bong bag.

What Is a Bong Bag?

Lots of weed slang is difficult to understand when you first hear it, but a bong bag is exactly what its name implies. A bong bag is a container or case designed to keep a bong safe, whether you’re storing it for the short term or taking it to a party or on a trip.

A bong bag may simply be a padded bag, similar to the one photographers use for their camera equipment, or it could be a hard-sided case with separate compartments designed to hold mouthpieces, downstems, and base. There are even backpacks created to let you carry your bong safely, in style, and discreetly (who would ever wonder about what’s in a backpack?).

These containers all protect against the elements when you’re taking your cannabis show on the road. However, they’re almost as important for storage indoors since they’ll protect against excess moisture and light, both of which can damage the pipe and your stash.

No matter what size your bong is, there’s a bong bag that can accommodate it.

There’s one other terrific benefit to choosing the right bong bag. Many are made from materials that prevent weed odor from escaping.

Why not just wrap your pipe in plastic or bubble wrap and put it into a standard tote bag? Two reasons. First, a container designed specifically to protect bongs will have all of the right paddings in all of the right places. Second, the weed scent is likely to escape and attract attention.

A bong bag is almost always the right choice. Here are the ones to choose from.

The Best Bong Bags

We could go the traditional route and rank these bags from best to less desirable, but it makes sense to try something different. Several manufacturers dominate the industry, and they offer a wide range of bong bags.

That’s why we’ll list most of our choices by brand and finish with a very different option.

Dime Bags

This company was one of the first to introduce high-quality, padded bong bags for serious smokers.

Dime Bags Duffle Tubes

You might be carrying one of these cool bong bags to the gym for your daily workout, for all anyone knows — until they see the prominent “Dime Bags” patch displayed prominently on the bag’s side.

That’s our first objection to these great duffles. Thankfully, though, the patch is Velcroed onto the bag, and it’s easy to peel off if you need to go into stealth mode.

The 70/30 hemp/polyester material that Dime Bags uses is durable, soft, and fade-resistant. The interior is made from 100% cotton velour, with ample padding to protect your bong. There are multiple pockets inside, both open and zippered, and a heavy-duty zipper ensures that the bag’s cover will stay closed.

Here’s our second objection to the Duffle Tubes: they’re not odor-proof. The manufacturer includes a baggie with these bong bags, but if you’re worried about drug-sniffing dogs or humans, you may want to check out the next entry on this list.

Duffle Tubes are available in 10-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch lengths and in a number of “iconic hempster colors” (their phrase, not ours).

Dime Bags Omerta Brigata Duffle Bag

These bags are about 35% more expensive than the Duffle Tubes, but they’re worth it; carbon filters inside the duffles absorb the odor of your weed. They’re also waterproof since their exterior material is 100% polyester.

Omerta bong bags are available in the same sizes as Duffle Tubes but only in three colors: black, dark green, and camouflage.

Dime Bags Conversion Tube Hemp Backpack

Want the convenience of carrying your bong on your back, or do you want to assume the appearance of a backpacker or student? Dime Bags uses the same construction and materials used to make their Duffle Tubes for these oversized backpacks, which are perfect for bong transport.

There are fourteen different compartments located inside and out of the Conversion Tube. The bag is available in seven colors, you can choose between heights of 18 and 23 inches, and the interior padding can be removed if you decide you really want to use the backpack for camping gear.

Prefer an odor-proof backpack? There’s an Omerta backpack line as well, but it costs almost twice as much as the regular models.


This appropriately-named company offers several bong bags very similar to the ones from Dime Bags.

Skunk Duffle Bag

All of Skunk’s bong bags, including their duffles, are waterproof thanks to polyester exteriors and odor-proof thanks to carbon filter thermal linings inside the bags. There are also shock-proof pockets inside, along with thick padding and a combination lock that prevents snooping.

There’s a decent choice of colors and a huge choice in duffle bag sizes, with the sizes ranging from ten-inch to 30-inch lengths. If you want something smaller to carry a bubbler, the Skunk Urban Warrior is just 7” by 3” in size, and the Skunk Smell Proof Case is 8” x 4”.

Because all of these products are odor-proof, they’re more expensive than the Dime Bags models.

Skunk Rogue Backpack

Of course, Skunk makes bong bags in backpack styles as well. This one is 20 inches tall, with room for all but the largest bongs you’ve ever seen, and it’s odor-proof and weatherproof with double zippers for extra protection.

There’s also the rather-expensive Skunk Hybrid Backpack/Duffle, a 21-inch long bong bag made from military-grade fabric and able to be carried by the handles or slung onto your back. Or you can choose the 13-inch tall Skunk Mini Backpack at a cheaper price, with the same smell-proof and waterproof features.

Cloud/Ten Slim Airtight Case

Some people are comfortable carrying their glass in a soft-sided case. This is the perfect alternative.

The Cloud/Ten case is made from hard and thick composite plastic, with dual foam layers protecting your bong inside. The outside of the case can absorb just about any shock before it even reaches the bong inside. There are sturdy latch closures that make this case air- and water-tight, meaning that it’s odor-proof as well.

The exterior dimensions of the case are 16” x 8.5” x 12.5”, and the storage space inside is 14” long by six inches wide.

Best Bong Bags: FAQ

Q: Are these bags really going to protect my glassware?
A: They will under most circumstances, as long as you pack it carefully. We’d suggest, though, also using bubble wrap or some other type of separate padding in addition to the padding that’s supplied inside the bong bag. You can’t be too careful.

Q: Can I bring these bong bags onto a plane?
A: If you’re asking about whether they’ll protect your pipe from air turbulence, the answer is yes, with the proviso we just mentioned (extra padding to be safe). If you’re asking whether it’s legal to bring a bong onto a plane, it’s supposed to be, as long as it’s clean (no leftover resin!) and you’ve made it clear that it’s for use with tobacco. (We know you’re not supposed to smoke tobacco out of a bong, but inspectors may not know that.) Officials still have discretion to seize anything they think is drug paraphernalia, however, so be sure you don’t mind running the risk of having your bong seized.