London Pound Cake Cannabis Strain Information & Review

Sophia Delphi December 09, 2022 - 6 min read
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London pound cake strain

London Pound Cake (sometimes called London Poundcake or just Pound Cake) isn’t for the faint-hearted. Its THC content can be among the highest of all strains you’ll find in retail dispensaries, and its 70/30 indica-dominant effects pack a punch.

London Pound Cake delivers an uplifting and focused head high, which is quickly followed by an extremely relaxing body stone that will probably convince you to spend the rest of your time on the couch. The effects aren’t usually sedating, but they’ll make you comfortable enough that you’ll just want to enjoy the ride.

This is a loud strain that smells and tastes of lemon, berry, earth, and nuts, and it’s believed to be a product of the revered Cookie Fam — making it easy to understand why its quality is so high.

The Effects and Side Effects

London Pound Cake’s effects can sneak up on you.

The cerebral high it begins with isn’t overly euphoric. It’s a calmer, gentler feeling that can be creative and sociable, replacing stress and negative thoughts with positive feelings. Whether you’re ready to work on a project, go out for the afternoon or just spend time with friends, it seems to encourage productivity, conversation, and social enjoyment. It may even bring on the giggles.

Then, all of a sudden, the indica in London Pound Cake rears its head and puts you onto the couch. It’s not a fully-sedating or incapacitating body high, and some users can fight through it to get stuff done. Others, though, will find that it’s more enjoyable to relax at home while London Pound Cake works its wonders.

Most people find that this strain doesn’t put them to sleep, so they’re lulled into a false sense of security in terms of the potency of London Pound Cake’s effects.

Don’t be fooled; the high might not be “outrageous,” but the high THC content and indica effects will ensure that you’re extremely happy, fully relaxed — and totally stoned for quite a while. (Although you may want to sleep when you come down.)

That high THC content can negatively affect newbies and users who are already dealing with anxiety issues. They may experience increased anxiety or paranoia, but it’s more likely they’ll simply be wiped out by London Pound Cake’s potency. All users should expect a dry throat and dry eyes, as well as the munchies.

Positive Effects:

  • Energy: 3/5
  • Creative: 4/5
  • Pain: 2/5
  • Stress: 4/5
  • Sleep: 2/5
  • Mood: 4/5

Negative Effects:

  • Paranoid: 2/5
  • Dry Mouth: 4/5
  • Dry Eyes: 4/5
  • Lethargy: 3/5
  • Cough: 3/5

Bottom Line: London Pound Cake delivers a calm yet powerful head high that’s creative and sociable, and a long-lasting body stone that’s extremely relaxing without being strongly sedating.

Benefits to Medical Conditions

This strain isn’t one of the most popular choices for medical marijuana patients, but many still believe that it can help with a variety of conditions. Chief among them are stress and depression, largely thanks to London Pound Cake’s uplifting mental high which may even out mood swings. The creative focus it provides may also be useful for those with ADD and ADHD.

London Pound Cake is a less common choice for chronic body pain, although some patients believe the mental lift helps them feel better. The strain is more often used by those with chronic fatigue and similar issues, and its tendency to bring on the munchies is appreciated by patients with low appetites or eating disorders.

Flavor and Aroma

This strain mixes the sweet and sour scents of citrus, berries, and grapes with the aroma of dank earth. The smell may leave you wondering what happened to the cake, but no worries; its sweetness is clearly detectable in the taste of London Pound Cake.

There’s a lot more to the flavor than just sweet cake. The creamy, thick smoke contains notes of all of the fruit we’ve mentioned, plus earthiness and nuttiness that are most noticeable in the strain’s aftertaste.

Flavor and Aroma Ratings:

  • Earthy: 3/5
  • Citrus: 4/5
  • Fruity: 4/5
  • Spice: 1/5
  • Wood: 3/5

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

You have to believe what lab reports tell you, and they tell us that the average THC content of London Pound Cake is right around 21% — potent weed, indeed.

But you also have to believe experience, which tells us that many of the shipments that dispensaries receive have THC levels between 26% and 29%, insanely high for flower you can buy at retail. Be careful, and go slowly. London Pound Cake is very low in CBD and other major cannabinoids, well below 1% and often approaching zero.

The terpenes that dominate in this strain are limonene, humulene, phellandrene, caryophyllene, eucalyptol, and ocimene, explaining the sweet, sour and earthy flavors and aromas.


The best information available is that the Cookie Fam breeders in California created London Pound Cake by crossing Sunset Sherbet with an indica-dominant strain that’s never been revealed.

Sunset Sherbet is a strong indica-dominant strain that’s a product of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties; that largely explains London Pound Cake’s indica leanings and its high THC content.

Other breeders like Spain’s Heavyweight Seeds have taken credit for giving the world this strain, but strong evidence supports the belief that London Pound Cake comes from the folks that gave us all of those great Cookies strains.

Similar Strains to London Pound Cake

Some of the weed strains that deliver effects much like London Pound Cake include Wedding Pie, Dragon Fruit, Vanilla Kush, and Billy Kimber. If you’re more partial to the flavor of London Pound Cake, you might enjoy trying Sweet Tooth and Sundae Driver.

London Pound Cake Strain Review: FAQ

Q: Why does the THC content of London Pound Cake vary so widely?
A: All strains have variations in the number of their cannabinoids and terpenes found in various batches. That can be due to variables like the genetics of the seeds or clones used to grow the weed and the growing practices used by the producer. It’s not known why samples of London Pound Cake can have a much wider range of THC content than usual, though. It’s just “one of those things.”

Q: Is London Pound Cake a good wake-and-bake or daytime strain?
A: Wake-and-bake, not so much. The strong Indica body effects, while they usually don’t lock users to the couch, aren’t conducive to getting a day off to a good start — unless you consider a “good start” moving from the bed to the couch. Some people with high THC tolerance use London Pound Cake as a daytime strain because they’re able to put aside the serious body relaxation to function productively. Most, however, would be better off saving this strain until the late afternoon or early evening, so they can park themselves somewhere and enjoy the buzz if need be.