How to Roll a Blunt

Sophia Delphi August 24, 2022 - 7 min read
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Rihanna. Kevin Smith. Elon Musk. Snoop Dogg. What do they all have in common?

The last name on that list probably gave it away: they’ve all been photographed smoking blunts in public.

Snoop is probably the king of blunts, though. Who else pays someone specifically to roll blunts for him all day long?

Blunts were a social phenomenon during the early days of hip-hop culture. But many former devotees like Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross have sworn off in recent years, largely because of evidence that smoking blunts is more likely to lead to cannabis dependence and may cause more severe respiratory issues than other smoking methods.

Even so, blunts are still very much part of cannabis culture — even though they can be challenging to roll. So it wouldn’t hurt to know how to do it properly.

We’re here to help.

What Is a Blunt?

Readers who came of age during the vaping-and-dabbing era may not be familiar with all of the differences between joints, spliffs, and blunts.

Joints are easiest to describe; they’re simply weed rolled in paper for smoking. Spliffs are similar, but a mixture of weed and tobacco is rolled in the paper.

Blunts are a bit different. They’re made by rolling cannabis in a tobacco wrap, most often a pre-made cigar (or cigarillo) that’s been emptied of its tobacco.

You can also purchase specially-made blunt wraps, which eliminate the need to slice open a cigar and remove what’s inside. Wraps are usually sold in a two-pack, and many of them are flavored.

Blunts are, for obvious reasons, larger than joints and spliffs. Their exact size, though, depends on the size of the cigar they’re made from. The larger size means they’ll last longer, making them a good smoke for sharing. Since the wraps are made from tobacco, blunts provide the user with a nicotine buzz in addition to a weed high.

Some inexpensive cigar brands have become synonymous with blunts. They include Swisher Sweets, White Owl, Dutch Masters, Black and Mild, Phillies, and Backwoods. Those who enjoy blunts will often call them by those names or by nicknames like “Swishers” and “Dutchies.”

You may be able to roll a joint with your eyes closed, but it probably took you a little time before you were able to roll joints like a pro. And it can take even longer to learn how to roll a blunt properly.

Here’s why. Tobacco leaf (which is used to wrap cigars) isn’t very pliable, so it has to be moistened before you can roll weed in it — and tobacco reacts differently to moisture than paper does.

If the wrap gets too wet, it’s likely to rip or crumble; even if it stays solid, it won’t smoke well. If it isn’t moistened enough, the blunt will fall apart while you’re smoking it.

There’s a learning curve involved in determining the right amount of moisture and choosing a moistening method to use (some people lick the wrap, some “paint” it with water). Be patient. You’ll get there.

Ready to give it a shot?

How to Roll a Blunt

A close up of a man rolling a blunt.

Before starting, you’ll have to gather a few supplies.

Materials Needed to Roll a Blunt

Needless to say, you’ll need weed. The amount depends on the size of your wrapper and how fat you like your blunts, but most people use 1-2 grams to fill a blunt wrap.

Here’s the rest of the list.

Blunt Wrap

Here’s the traditional method: buy a cigar at a smoke shop or convenience store and use its wrapper. Your choice of cigar may be determined by availability, taste, or the brand that’s used by your crew.

As we’ve mentioned, you can also purchase pre-made blunt wraps; popular brands include Zig-Zag Zagz Blunt Wraps, High Hemp Wraps, and Royal Blunt Wraps. You can also choose novelty blunt wraps like Shine Papers, which are made from 24 karat gold paper.

Those who don’t want to use tobacco wraps can opt for alternatives made from hemp, like Kingpin Wraps and Endo Wraps. Some wraps are even manufactured in pre-fashioned cones, so they’re easy to fill without the hassle of rolling.

Weed Grinder

You can break your flower apart by hand, but 1-2 grams is a lot of flower, and maintaining consistency in the grind won’t be easy. It’s much simpler to use a grinder.

Razor Blade or Knife

If you’ll be breaking apart a cigar, you’ll need something sharp to cut it open. If you’re buying a pre-made blunt wrapper, you won’t need the blade.

Rolling Tray

Pros can roll a joint without needing a tray to catch all of the loose flower. Blunts are a lot messier since you’ll have to catch all of the tobacco that falls out of the cigar and then manage 1-2 grams of weed as you roll. A rolling tray can be invaluable.

How to Roll Your Blunt

We’ll take this step-by-step.

1. Grind the Weed

The size and consistency of the flower should be the same as it is for rolling a joint: uniformly small but not too fine.

2. Prepare the Wrap

The seam on some cigars or cigarillos can be split (“cracked”) with your fingers, but you’ll probably have to use your blade or scissors. Cut the cigar lengthwise from end to end and empty the tobacco. You can save it for later use in a spliff if desired.

Obviously, this step won’t be necessary if you’ve purchased a blunt wrap.

3. Moisten the Wrap

Cigar wrappers are stiff, and they need a little moisture to make them pliable. Wetting the wrap will also seal any small tears in the tobacco leaf that might have occurred while you were opening it.

Lightly moisten the wrap by licking it (warning: tobacco doesn’t taste very good) or by dipping your finger in some water and lightly “painting” the wrap. Don’t get the wrap too wet, though, or it may fall apart.

4. Fill the Wrap and Roll It

The process is the same as it is for rolling a joint; you’re just dealing with a lot more weed. Be sure not to overfill the wrap.

When the blunt has been loaded, rock it between your fingers to pack the flower evenly and slowly create the blunt’s final form as a cylinder. Tuck one end of the wrap underneath the opposite side, lick the underneath portion of the top side and press down to smooth and seal your blunt shut.

5. Bake the Blunt

Briefly run the tip of a lighter along the seam of your blunt. The heat dries the tobacco and locks the seam. Don’t hold the flame too close; you want to seal the blunt, not smoke it.

6. Enjoy!

Now you can smoke your blunt — after appreciating your handiwork.

How to Roll a Blunt: FAQ

Q: How do you pack the pre-made wraps that are already shaped like cones?
A: Easy-peasy. Just take the weed and pour it into the cone, keeping a finger on the bottom, so it doesn’t fall out. Most cones come with a small tamping stick that you use to pack the weed into the wrap; if one isn’t supplied, you can use a pen or pencil. Tamp the flower firmly, but don’t pack it too tightly, or there won’t be enough airflow to allow for a good toke.

Q: Can you put a crutch on the end of a blunt, like you can with a joint?
A: Sure, if you want to. Most smokers don’t bother putting a filter on their blunt because the wrap is firm enough to hold its shape without a problem.

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