What Are the Strongest Weed Strains in the World?

Sophia Delphi August 24, 2022 - 8 min read
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Detergents claim they have “the most cleaning power!”
Sports drinks claim they supply “the most energy!”
Airlines claim they have “the most legroom!”

Before you know it, we’ll probably see TV ads from dispensaries, claiming that their products have “the most THC!”

Not everyone is looking for the strongest weed in the world, of course. Some seek out gentler buds that will let them enjoy a nice buzz before heading to work or settling down for the evening. Most medical marijuana patients are more interested in effective pain relief than a mind-blowing experience.

But there’s no doubt about it: weed’s strength is a huge selling point.

There are many factors determining how strong cannabis will be. The plant’s growing conditions, its terpenes, and the mix of cannabinoids it contains will all play a role.

What most people focus on, though, is THC content. That’s because it’s an easy-to-grasp number that comes pretty close to defining whether your weed will deliver a powerful high – or a very temporary distraction.

Identifying the strongest weed in the world is, at best, a subjective assignment. However, since most people fixate on the amount of THC, we will too.

The Strongest Weed In The World (Measured By THC Content)

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1. Brownie Scout

Consider some of the legends in Brownie Scout’s lineage: GSC (better known as Girl Scout Cookies), OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Chemdawg. With that sort of heritage, it should be no surprise that this indica-leaning hybrid, known for a euphoric head high, serious couch-lock, and a yummy taste, currently ranks #1 in the world for THC content.

The big question, of course, is “how much?” Well, how does 37.5% THC sound? That was the THC level in a lab sample supplied by the producers. The flower you buy may not quite reach that level, but the growers say their product consistently contains 30%+ THC – a number that certainly qualifies Brownie Scout as some of the strongest weed in the world.

There’s one catch: you can’t get it in most parts of the world. Brownie Scout is bred in Illinois, where it’s a popular choice among pain and insomnia patients. Sadly, you won’t find it sold in other states or on the street. Time for a road trip?

2. Future (#1)

Here’s another powerhouse you’ll probably have difficulty finding. Future (#1) is bred in Oregon, it’s a hybrid of GG4 and Starfighter F2, and the growers say it’s tested as high as 37.2% THC. It also won a “most potent” contest a few years back, with a THC content of 32.5%

If you’re visiting the Pacific Northwest and manage to find some, expect it to come in at a slightly less-impressive but still extremely potent 28-30%+ THC. Future (#1) delivers intense euphoria and strong relaxation, while also helping creative juices to flow. The taste and aroma of this indica-dominant hybrid have strong and pleasant citrus notes, but they’re secondary to the buzz you’ll enjoy.

3. Godfather OG

As potent weed strains go, this is indeed the OG. It won the Cannabis Cup back in 2013 for best indica strain, and tests revealed that THC content levels in Godfather OG were as high as 34% – a level that was virtually unheard of at that time. The flower you’d buy on the street now is still potent enough to leave you stuck to your couch for quite some time, with an average of about 28% THC. This is an unusual indica-dominant strain because you’d swear it was a sativa unless you knew better.

The sedating effects of Godfather OG have made it one of the go-to strains for medicinal patients suffering from insomnia or severe pain, but there are initial euphoric effects that can delight hardcore stoners as well, and work for those with depression or anxiety. This is a cross between Alpha OG and XXX OG, explaining why it’s known as the “Don of all Kush strains” and why it packs such a powerful punch.

4. Garlic Cookies

Garlic Cookies is as close as we’ll get to a pure indica on this list. This 90-10 hybrid is also known as GMO Cookies, but many dispensaries have switched to the Garlic Cookies name because of the negative connotations of the unrelated term “GMO.” Unlike some strains, most of the Garlic Cookies weed on the market actually comes close to the 32% THC that’s been measured in labs, varying by only a couple of percentage points at most.

The head high is euphoric and cerebral, along with a warm and somewhat sedating but not incapacitating body high. This isn’t really the type of indica that will let you be fully productive right after smoking up, but it won’t lay you out flat, either. That makes it a very good option for chronic pain, anxiety, and depression patients.

5. GG #4

This extremely popular strain, also known as Original Glue or The Glue and previously called Gorilla Glue or Gorilla Glue #4 (those darned copyright infringement suits!) has been known to contain as much as 32% THC. The stuff you buy may range anywhere from that level down to around 20%, but the long-lasting, heavy high is likely to knock you on your butt no matter what the “raw number” is.

GG is an indica-dominant cross of Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb, each of which is a THC powerhouse in its own right. The high starts out euphoric and creative, but then comes the “glue” part: the body lock will probably have you glued to the couch for a long, long time. Dispensaries suggest GG #4 for all sorts of medical issues, from pain and migraines to depression, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. We’d also prescribe it for “I want to get totally wasted” syndrome.

6. Apple Fritter

Just a few years ago, this 50/50 hybrid made the “World’s Strongest Strains” list released by High Times, thanks to its THC content that topped out at 32%. These days, with average levels ranging between 22%-28% and some samples even higher, it’s not quite as revered for its power as it used to be. Even so, it’s still some of the strongest weed you can find and also one of the tastiest, with a deliciously sweet apple flavor and aroma.

Apple Fritter blends the best properties of sativa and indica, with an immediate euphoric rush that doesn’t let up, along with a body high that’s more relaxing than slamming. It’s an ideal choice for medicinal use, easing stress and pain, relaxing muscles, and inducing an other-worldly feeling that washes pain and cares away – at least for a while.

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Strongest Weed In The World FAQ

Q: Is there any way other than THC levels to judge weed strains by their strength?
A: That’s what makes lists like these difficult to compile.
The other factors that play a role in the potency of a cannabis strain, like growing conditions, terpenes, and other cannabinoid levels, can’t be easily quantified. THC content at least provides a number that can be used for rankings. The only other way to judge “the strongest weed in the world” is by trying each strain – and needless to say, it’s nearly impossible to objectively remember how all of the samples stacked up when you’re totally baked.

Q: What about (name of your favorite strain here)?
A: An enormous number of weed strains are now available, well over one thousand and still increasing. Since so many hybrids have been bred over the years, and the majority are bred specifically for high THC content, there are many more strains with THC levels in the mid-to-high 20% range than we could include on this list. Let’s just say there are a ton of other strains that can deliver the same potent high as the six we’ve listed.

Q: Does weed get stronger every year?
A: Generally speaking, it sure does. That doesn’t mean your favorite strain will be stronger next year than this year, but it wasn’t that long ago that industry experts predicted that we’d never see a plant with more than 30% THC content. We’re on our way toward 40%, and it may only be a few more years before some innovative grower will make it happen.