White Runtz Weed Strain Information & Review

Sophia Delphi August 05, 2022 - 6 min read
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White Runtz marijuana strain in white background

If you’ve ever seen a purple and green Runtz flower, imagine it covered in a much thicker blanket of frosty trichomes, as if it had been left outside in a snowstorm. That’s why this strain is known as “White” Runtz.

White Runtz became enormously popular in California when it was first made available but is now harder to find. That’s unfortunate because this balanced hybrid is terrific.

It delivers a euphoric head high followed by long-lasting relaxation; the aroma is sweet and tropical with a little pungent diesel mixed in, and the flavor is a mix of sweet berries and tropical fruit mixed with an earthiness that’s prominent in the aftertaste.

Medical patients like this strain to help them deal with both stress and pain, while recreational users simply love the experience that White Runtz delivers.

Effects and Side Effects

It doesn’t take long to feel the effects of White Runtz start to kick in. The first sign is a euphoric head high that’s uplifting, happy, and sometimes giggly. Stress and anxiety vanish quickly, and the cerebral effects can be creative and motivating.

Meanwhile, tingling begins to extend from the head into the body, providing a somewhat energetic but also stress-relieving body stone that relaxes muscles without noticeable couch lock (however, the munchies will definitely be noticeable). The combined head and body effects are exactly what you’d expect (or hope for) from a well-balanced strain like White Runtz.

The long-lasting sativa/indica high makes this weed a good choice for those who want to engage in calm activities that require some focus and creativity, but it’s just as enjoyable for watching movies or hanging with friends. Some experienced users may be able to handle White Runtz during the day, but it’s probably a better evening choice.

The amount of THC in this strain isn’t overwhelming, but it’s enough to potentially worsen anxiety or induce paranoia in people who already suffer from the issues. That side effect is rare; a faster heartbeat is more likely to occur in anxiety patients or less-experienced smokers. Other possible side effects: cottonmouth, dry eyes, or headaches as the high wears off.

Positive Effects:

  • Energy: 4/5
  • Creative: 3/5
  • Pain: 3/5
  • Stress: 4/5
  • Sleep: 2/5
  • Mood: 4/5

Negative Effects:

  • Paranoid: 2/5
  • Dry Mouth: 4/5
  • Dry Eyes: 4/5
  • Lethargy: 2/5
  • Cough: 4/5

Bottom Line: White Runtz is a delicious strain that delivers an enjoyable high: uplifting, stress-relieving, and often motivating and creative without significant couch lock.

Medical Conditions

Marijuana patients like White Runtz for two reasons. One is that its happy high and stress relief may help them deal with mental health issues like stress, depression, and anxiety, with the caution for clinical anxiety patients we’ve already mentioned. The focus the strain provides may also be helpful for those with ADHD.

The other reason is that the full-body relaxation of White Runtz could be ideal for those with muscle spasms and cramps (including menstrual cramps), and some say that it’s also able to help with tension headaches and more serious chronic pain.

Flavor and Aroma

White Runtz is a pungent strain with the scents of tropical fruit mixing with those of earth and diesel. All are easily distinguishable as soon as you open the jar or bag, but the sweet fruity aroma (that some have compared to ice cream) dominates.

Sour fruit and sweet berries are even more prominent in the taste of White Runtz. Some users say it has the same candy-like flavor as its famous Zkittlez parent. Citrus, diesel, and earth also come though to a lesser degree in the creamy smoke’s taste.

The sensory experience White Runtz delivers is a real treat.

Flavor and Aroma Ratings:

  • Earthy: 3/5
  • Citrus: 2/5
  • Fruity: 5/5
  • Spice: 2/5
  • Wood: 3/5

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

White Runtz has an average THC content right around 17%, although the flower carried by some dispensaries may hit THC levels in the low 20% range. CBD and other cannabinoids aren’t strongly represented, with CBD levels likely to be much closer to 0% than 1%. CBC and CBG may come in slightly above 0.5%.

There can be as many as 12 different terpenes in this delicious weed strain. Carene, caryophyllene, valencene, and limonene are among the most prevalent, with linalool and bisabolol not far behind.


The California breeders who brought us Runtz were involved in creating White Runtz, although some say it was in collaboration with another grower, possibly the Cookies Fam. (The Gelato parent strain is built on Cookies Fam genetics.)

White Runtz is generally believed to be a cross of two strains loved by those who enjoy dessert strains, Runtz and Gelato, although a few claim that the second contributor was The White and not Gelato.

Gelato is potent and blueberry/orange sweet; Runtz contributes just as much power along with berries and tropical fruit. The combination is, predictably, tasty and almost as potent as its parents.

Similar Strains

If you can’t find White Runtz at a dispensary near you — and that’s a distinct possibility — other strains you might want to try instead are Banana Punch, Lemon Sorbet #3, or Blueberry Cookies. And, of course, the parent strains, Runtz and Gelato, might be the most similar of all.

White Runtz Strain Review: FAQ

Q: Is this a rare strain?
A: Rare might be going a bit too far, but it’s definitely not widely available. Your best luck at finding White Runtz will be in California, where the strain first made its mark and remains in demand. In other states, your search will be hit-and-miss at best. Part of the reason for the scarcity is the fact that the Runtz folks are the only ones who grow it; they have never released the seeds for sale or made exact genetic information available.

Q: Are there strains that have been bred from Runtz that are worth trying?
A: There are more “Runtz strains” than you might expect, given the fact that the original breeders usually don’t cooperate with other growers to give away their secrets. Pink Runtz is very good, although it delivers a much heavier body stone. Obama Runtz might be a better choice because its effects are closer to those of White Runtz with a similar flavor; it’s particularly popular because of its soaring high.