Weed Games to Play With Friends While High

Sophia Delphi May 13, 2022 - 7 min read
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Friends smoking weed and playing poker game.

What to do for entertainment while you’re smoking up?

Streaming movies or watching TV is high on most people’s lists. So is listening to music or getting into an in-depth (or silly) discussion if you’ve got some friends over.

Some possibilities aren’t as easy to handle. Playing video games, or even board games, can get more difficult and/or more confusing as a smoke sesh progresses. However, different games are perfect for playing with a group while you enjoy some kind bud.

We’re talking about smoking games, of course. Here are some of our faves.

A Warning Before You Start

This should be obvious, but it’s easy to ignore common sense when you’re smoking, and you’re in the middle of a hotly-contested game that you’re determined to win.

Don’t go over your normal limits. Sure, you may only need a few more tokes to emerge victoriously, but no one will remember who won the game ten minutes later. The potentially-unpleasant aftereffects of overconsumption will be with you a lot longer than that.

Want to stay in the game a little longer? Smoke bud instead of dabbing, make sure you have enough water with you to stay hydrated, and don’t combine smoke and alcohol.

Now that we’ve discussed the rules let’s play.

Smoking Games to Play While Stationary

These ones are perfect when you’re enjoying an indica and are locked to the couch.

1. Smoke Along

This game’s easy, fun, and it combines an enjoyable stoner activity with actual smoking.

Put on your favorite weed movie, whether it’s Half Baked, Dazed and Confused, or Pineapple Express. Or maybe it’s Harold and Kumar, Bill and Ted, or Cheech and Chong.

Every time one of the characters mentions bud or takes a hit, everyone who’s watching takes one in real life. The last one to stay in the game wins.

2. Jamming

This one combines weed with music instead of movies, and it’s named after the song that’s most often used for gameplay.

Play Bob Marley’s iconic song “Jamming” (yep, that’s the actual title, not “Jammin’”) and take a toke every time you hear the word jammin’. It will take both focus and stamina to make it all the way through. Of course, you can play this game with any song that has repetitive lyrics; try Britney’s “Womanizer” (repeated 39 times), or Eminem’s “My Name Is” (48).

You’re at expert level? We dare you to try this game with Beyonce’s “Halo” (67), the old classic (and Peter Griffin’s favorite) “Surfin Bird” by the Trashmen (85), or Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” (106).

3. Hold That Hit

You don’t even need a movie or music to play this easy game. Everyone sits in a circle and passes a joint or pipe. When it’s each person’s turn to take a hit, they have to hold it until the herb makes it around the circle and back to them.

The more people at the party, the tougher it is. The last person able to hold the hit is the winner — and is completely blitzed.

If you’re with a bunch of dedicated stoners and this game is too easy for everyone, up the ante. Each time the joint makes it all the way around the circle, the number of hits you have to take increases by one. Two hits for the second round, three hits for the third, and so on. That should determine a winner in a hurry.

4. Medusa

We’re not sure where this game came from or how it got its name, but it’s a stoner favorite — maybe because it’s so easy.

Once again, everyone sits in a circle with their head down and their piece or joint ready. On the count “1-2-3,” everyone looks directly at someone else in the circle. If you’re staring at the same person who’s staring at you, you yell “Medusa,” fire up and take a toke. When everyone’s stoned enough, the game is over.

That might not sound like fun, but trust us, it gets there quickly.

5. Never Have I Ever

Yes, it’s the same as those online quizzes you see all the time, but with the added incentive of a good buzz.

One person at a time makes a statement starting with the phrase “never have I ever,” like “Never have I ever gone to jail.” Everyone who disagrees — that is, if they have gone to jail — takes a hit. Then the next person makes a different “never have I ever” statement.

This game may not seem fair because the “most experienced” person also ends up as the most wasted. On the other hand, maybe that’s a well-deserved reward.

More Demanding Smoking Games

These are better options while enjoying an energetic sativa.

6. Ash Bomber

Here’s an all-time favorite.

Cover a cup or jar (a red solo cup works well) with paper, secure it with an elastic, and then put a coin in the middle of the paper.

Pass a joint around the circle. Each person, in order, takes a toke, burns a small hole in the paper, passes the joint, and exhales. When the paper finally gives way, and the coin falls into the cup, the person who burned the last hole loses.

What’s their penalty? It’s up to the group, but maybe they have to roll the next joint.

7. Bong Pong

This one won’t need much explanation (and no, you don’t need a bong, just your favorite smoking implement).

You play it just like beer pong, with each person, in turn, trying to toss a ping pong ball into the cups you’ve set up on a big table. Sink the ball, take a hit.

8. Nug Hunt

Remember hunting for Easter eggs when you were a kid? Here’s a great game to play when someone in your group has gotten a big bonus at work or has hit a scratch ticket.

That person hides weed around the house — it could be raw flower, edibles, joints, whatever they choose — and then everyone else goes hunting, keeping everything they’re able to find.

The best thing about this game? The post-game party is guaranteed to be incredible.

9. Stoned Musical Chairs

It’s simple. Everyone gets wasted, and then there’s a big game of musical chairs, just like you played when you were little. But when you’re stoned, it’s a lot more competitive and a lot more fun, and there are a lot more laughs.

Play at Your Own Risk

We’ve left this one for last because it’s not really advisable — but lots of people play it anyway.

10. Last Man Standing

It’s exactly what the name implies. Everyone tokes up until they can’t manage one more hit, and the last man (or obviously, woman) standing is the winner.

Smoking Games: FAQ

Q: You didn’t mention Cannagories.
A: You’re right, but we’ll do it now. In “cannagories,” one person picks a letter and a category at random, like “G” and “TV shows.” Everyone else, in order, has to name a TV show that starts with the letter “G,” like Game of Thrones or Gilmore Girls. The first person who can’t answer takes a hit. If the next person also can’t answer, they take two hits; the third person unable to answer takes three. After that, it’s time for someone else to pick a new letter and category. Warning: this game gets harder the higher you get.

Q: Were you afraid to mention Strip Choker?
A: Not afraid, just being discreet. But since you bring it up…everyone takes a huge hit at the same time, and the first person who has to exhale also has to take off a piece of clothing. Not every smoke sesh will be the right place for this game, so be careful before suggesting it.