Moon Rocks: What Are They And How Do You Smoke Them?

Sophia Delphi July 01, 2022 - 7 min read
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Illustration of moon rocks and how to use them

You’re hanging out with a group of friends, and one of them pulls something of his pocket.

“Have you guys ever tried moon rocks?” he asks with a grin.

Someone else quickly responds. “Don’t be a moron. Those things don’t explode in your stomach when you drink them with Coke. They just fizz in your mouth. And they taste like crap.”

“Not Pop Rocks, Karen. Moon rocks. And if you’ve never smoked moon rocks, you have no idea what you’re missing. Just be sure to buckle up first.”

It’s not only DIY cooks and home repair gurus who have cool hacks. Stoners have them, too. And moon rocks may be the most mind-blowing hack that has ever blessed the weed world.

They’re new to you, too? Never fear. We have what you need to know.

What Are Moon Rocks?

The bottom line first: they’re one of the cheapest ways you can find to get blasted out of your mind.

The word on the street is that a dispensary in the California High Desert first came up with this potent recipe, but it was the rapper Kurupt who popularized them. He then trademarked the name “Kurupt Moonrock” in order to sell them to a big audience. (If you see something sold as “Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock,” that’s the moon rock recipe that his one-time hip hop partner now sells.)

Moon rocks are, in a nutshell, a three-layer powerhouse. The producers start with bud, then spray it with hash oil (or dip it in concentrate), and finally roll it in kief. The weed has historically been GSC, with a THC level of 15-20%. And when you add the extremely high THC content of hash oil and kief (the resin collected from cannabis trichomes), the resulting moon rock can have a total THC content of more than 50% – that’s almost twice as much as the most potent flower you can buy.

What’s the high like? Let’s put it this way: don’t make any plans for the rest of the day. In fact, you might not want to make plans for the next morning, either.

The experience starts with a euphoric and cerebral head high, which spreads pretty quickly throughout the body. Within about 30 minutes, you’ll be blasted out of your mind, and will stay that way for hours. Those who aren’t very experienced users accustomed to smoking high-THC weed may still be stoned the next morning. At 50% THC, just a toke or two of moon rock sends many people into outer space.

The actual strength of the moon rocks you purchase will vary, of course, depending on the quality and potency of the ingredients used. Many dealers sell non-branded moon rocks with a schwag base and low-quality oil and kief. Buying branded moon rocks at a dispensary will be more expensive, starting at around $50 per gram and often going much higher. An ounce can run you well over a thousand bucks.

If you just want to try this best-of-your-life high, though, $50 is an excellent deal unless you want to buy all of the ingredients individually.

Hmmm…buy it all separately. That’s an idea. Can you assemble your own DIY moon rock?

Of course, you can.

How To Make Moon Rocks

Image of Moon Rocks and Blunts

The process really is just as simple as you’d think. You may want to use GSC weed for authenticity, but you can use any other strain you’d like as long as it’s high in THC content.

  1. Choose a fresh nug, dense (so it won’t fall apart) and not too large.
  2. The easy way: drizzle hash oil on all sides. More difficult way: heat concentrates until it becomes liquid, and then cover the nug with it. Use a utensil to apply the concentrate; rolling the nug in it will over-saturate the flower and make it hard to smoke.
  3. Collect kief from the bottom of your grinder, and use tongs to roll the nug in the kief until it’s completely covered.
  4. Let the rock dry. That could take a while if you’ve used concentrate, so be patient.

OK, now what? Smoking your moon rock, of course.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

You can’t (or more accurately, shouldn’t) just fire up a moon rock the way you might casually pull out a one-hitter before heading into a long and boring meeting. You’ll need to prepare; this experience won’t be anything like the ones that normal weed smokers are used to.

  • Clear your schedule. We’ve already mentioned this but trust us. You won’t be doing anything else but soaring for hours.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink plenty of water ahead of time, and be sure you have plenty more right near you. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to get up to search for a bottle or two.
  • Have something to eat beforehand, too. The high THC content can cause nausea in more sensitive users. And just like you won’t want to go find water, you won’t want to set out on a quest for munchies, either. Have them at the ready.
  • Pull out the glass. A glass pipe, bubbler, or bong is the best choice for smoking moon rocks because they’re exceptionally sticky. You’ll get the best hits when using glass.
  • Have tongs or tweezers ready. You’ll be cutting the moon rock into small pieces, and not only are those suckers sticky, but you’ll also pull off some of the THC-laden goodness if you use your fingers.

Ready to settle in for a moon flight?

  1. Cut the moon rock into smaller chunks. Three or four should do it.
  2. Pack your bowl with your favorite weed. (The flower will help your rock burn evenly since it will take a while for the oil or hash to melt.)
  3. Put a chunk of moon rock on top.
  4. First light the moon rock, heating it until it starts sizzling and melting.
  5. Now you can smoke, as usual, heating the bowl and inhaling until the moon rock is cherried.
  6. Be careful! Just a few hits may send you into orbit; space them out.
  7. Go back for more, if you feel bold.

Have a great trip – which will probably be followed by an equally great, exhausted sleep.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks FAQ

Q: Can you roll moon rocks in a joint or blunt?
A: Some people try, but it’s not a fun experience. The joint will turn into a sticky mess, and you won’t get anywhere near as high as you do when using a glass bowl.

Q: What using a vaporizer?
A: That’s a much better idea, but only if yours is designed to optimally handle both flower and oil at the same time. If not, you could destroy the machine. Desktop vaporizers are more likely to work well with moon rocks.

Q: $50 a gram? That’s ridiculous.
A: Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Besides, don’t look at the final price, look at what you’ll be getting for it; like dabbing, a small amount of moon rock goes a long way. If you cut the nug into four chunks, that’s a little more than $10 apiece – for hours of the highest high you’ve ever experienced.