Jungle Cake Weed Strain Information & Review

Sophia Delphi December 05, 2022 - 6 min read
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Two buds of Jungle Cake strain in white background

Who could resist weed that tastes of tropical fruit and cake, especially when it’s accompanied by a potent, relaxing high?

Jungle Cake is a balanced 50/50 sativa/indica relatively new to the market, and it delivers a strong euphoric and blissful high that leads into a happy and extremely relaxing few hours. It’s not sedating, just thoroughly enjoyable. The THC levels of this strain can vary, but the powerful experience doesn’t, making it a good evening or weekend choice rather than something to use during the day.

The aroma and flavor are fruity, sweet, and somewhat sour, with a little spice and funk in the mix as well. This is terrific bud to enjoy with friends or just to use for chilling out after a long workday.

Effects and Side Effects

For potent weed, Jungle Cake is notoriously slow to take effect.

But over time, a euphoric buzz descends and replaces any existing worries and stress with joy and relaxation. Giggles and even outright laughter are common responses to the uplifting sensation; conversation flows free and easy, but it’s likely to be lighthearted talk rather than deep and focused discussion. Jungle Cake’s head high isn’t motivating or productive, just fun.

Meanwhile, a calming body stone is settling in. It may be comfortable and relaxing for seasoned smokers, while it’s more likely to bring at least partial couch lock for those less-accustomed to potent strains. It’s usually not sedating, though, so the continuing head high will keep most users awake and happy rather than sleepy and ready for some shuteye.

Despite the sweet, almost dessert-like flavor of this strain, Jungle Cake is almost guaranteed to bring on a bad case of the munchies. You’ll probably be functional enough to make it to the kitchen, but it’s not a bad idea to keep your snacks at hand before lighting up; this is a long-lasting high.

If you’ve read many strain reviews, you already know that very potent bud can make anxiety issues worse for users that already have them and may induce the issue in inexperienced smokers. It’s a good idea to take Jungle Cake slow or microdose if that describes you. More likely side effects of this strain are cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Positive Effects:

  • Energy: 2/5
  • Creative: 2/5
  • Pain: 4/5
  • Stress: 4/5
  • Sleep: 2/5
  • Mood: 5/5

Negative Effects:

  • Paranoid: 2/5
  • Dry Mouth: 4/5
  • Dry Eyes: 4/5
  • Lethargy: 2/5
  • Cough: 3/5

Bottom Line: The Jungle Cake high is calming and delightful, with a social and happy head high combined with a relaxing but not overly sedating body stone to deliver a powerful and fun experience.

Medical Conditions

Any relaxing strain that creates a blissful feeling will be highly valued by medical marijuana patients dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, or serious mental health concerns like PTSD. They just have to be careful because of the possibility that Jungle Cake’s THC could worsen anxiety.

The weed’s body high isn’t necessarily strong enough that patients with serious pain would benefit from this strain, but those with chronic pain, muscle cramps, inflammation, and even menstrual cramps say that the combined mental uplift and body relaxation they feel eases their discomfort considerably.

Flavor and Aroma

If you’ve been fortunate enough to try the Wedding Cake strain (one of Jungle Cake’s parents), you’re familiar with the odd but yummy marshmallow and vanilla cake scent you’ll notice as soon as you pick up a nug of Jungle Cake. It’s combined with more traditional weed aromas like earth, spice, and kush.

The weed’s flavor is very much like its smell. The sweetness is more muted as the taste of berries and tropical fruit mixes with the cake and vanilla. The sweet but dank aftertaste reminds you that you’re smoking cannabis and not enjoying a treat from the bakery.

Flavor and Aroma Ratings:

  • Earthy: 3/5
  • Citrus: 3/5
  • Fruity: 5/5
  • Spice: 3/5
  • Wood: 2/5

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Many labs list the average THC level of the Jungle Cake samples they’ve tested at 19%, and that’s certainly more than respectable. Other reputable tests, though, have measured the strain’s average THC content at 26-30%+. In other words, Jungle Cake is potent. The batch your flower comes from, though, maybe really potent. CBD content is usually negligible.

This strain has a large and varied terpene profile. Leading the list are phellandrene (sweet and spicy), valencene (earthy), and carene (pungent), along with limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene.


The cultivator Jungle Boys brought this terrific strain to market after Seed Junky Genetics crossed two high-THC strains, Wedding Cake and White Fire #43 (a descendent of White Fire OG).

White Fire #43 contributes its strong indica euphoria and body buzz properties to Jungle Cake’s balanced high, while Wedding Cake’s adds slightly less powerful effects in addition to its delicious taste.

Where to Buy Jungle Cake Seeds

It won’t be easy. Seed Junky Genetics reportedly never made the seeds available to most buyers, so they’re quite difficult to find, and most high-end seed banks don’t carry them. You can try vendors like Strain Supermarket and Love Cannabis, though, which claim to have Jungle Cake seeds in stock.

Similar Strains

We keep mentioning it, but Wedding Cake would certainly be a good starting point if you can’t get your hands on any Jungle Cake. Other strains that provide many of the same effects include Strawberry Cough, AK-47, White Afghani, and LA Wedding Pop. Many of the “Cake” strains are good alternatives as well.

Jungle Cake Strain Review: FAQ

Q: How long does it take before you can harvest Jungle Cake?
A: In ideal conditions, your plants should spend about three months in the flowering stage, although the optimum harvest time is between 73-80 days if you want the largest and best crop.

Q: How large does Jungle Cake grow?
A: These plants usually reach anywhere from five to seven feet in height. They also grow wide, however, so make sure you have enough room to allow them plenty of airflows.