Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Sophia Delphi August 05, 2022 - 6 min read
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Close up of Zkittlez marijuana strain

If you spell it with a “z,” there’s no copyright infringement, right? This delicious indica-dominant strain has won first-place awards at the Cannabis and Emerald Cup competitions, but users care more about Zkittlez’s flavor and its energizing yet calming high.

Zkittlez (also called Zkittles, Skittles, or Island Skittles) provides an uplifting head buzz coupled with relaxing body effects. They can leave the user happy and a little sleepy but not sedated. Just as important is the berry-and-citrus flavor of the strain, which doesn’t taste exactly like the famous candy because there’s some earthiness mixed in, but it comes pretty darned close.

This strain can be used virtually any time of the day, with a THC content that’s strong but not problematic for newer smokers. The green, purple, and orange color of the flower is gorgeous, too.

Effects and Side Effects

The first effects of Zkittlez are subtle, often showing up as pressure around the eyes. Slowly, controlled euphoria and motivating cerebral effects set in.

Some users experience them as psychedelic sensory distortions, but increased awareness, energy, and focus are more likely, and some creative juices may flow as well. Large doses are usually the explanation for the psychedelic effects.

The body high sets in next, showing up as weighty and calm full-body relaxation. Among other things, it will probably counteract the strain’s initial energy and motivation to make the couch seem like an enticing option. Body lock is uncommon but not unheard of; users are likely to simply get a little drowsy toward the end of the Zkittlez experience.

Power smokers who are accustomed to the effects of THC and indica strains may be able to use Zkittlez as a daytime strain, but for most users, this strain is better enjoyed later in the day or in the evening.

Zkittlez is a potent strain but not usually overwhelming, so its potential side effects are mostly benign. They include dry eyes and mouth that most people are familiar with, and there’s a slight chance of headaches or dizziness. Overuse of the strain could induce paranoia among those who experience psychedelic effects.

Users prone to anxiety should start slowly with Zkittlez until they know the THC won’t worsen their condition. Microdosing is a smart approach.

Positive Effects:

  • Energy: 3/5
  • Creative: 2/5
  • Pain: 3/5
  • Stress: 4/5
  • Sleep: 2/5
  • Mood: 5/5

Negative Effects:

  • Paranoid: 2/5
  • Dry Mouth: 5/5
  • Dry Eyes: 4/5
  • Lethargy: 3/5
  • Cough: 4/5

Bottom Line: Zkittlez starts with a euphoric and motivating cerebral high, which is then balanced with a calm and relaxing body high. The experience can be psychedelic in heavy doses.

Medical Conditions

Even though this strain is 70/30 indica dominant, patients find that the happy, uplifting head high and relaxing body buzz delivered by Zkittlez helps them deal with mental health issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. They say it’s good at erasing negative thoughts and concerns while relaxing their mind and body.

Zkittlez isn’t as popular for issues like chronic pain, but some patients say the relaxation can temporarily relieve their aches and less serious pains. Others use the strain for nausea, poor appetite, or to calm them down so they can overcome sleep issues.

Flavor and Aroma

You won’t just taste the rainbow. You’ll smell it, too.

The aroma of Zkittlez is much like the scent of its namesake candy. You’ll smell an assortment of fruits mixed with the sugary scent of candy and some sour notes. When you let the aroma sink in, however, you may also notice a bit of skunky earth and herbs combined with the scent of tropical fruit.

Berries and citrus are predominant in the flavor of Zkittlez’s creamy smoke, sweet and sour with a little pepper in there as well. And the aftertaste is just as delicious as the smoke. The name chosen for this strain wasn’t a stretch. It was accurate.

Flavor and Aroma Ratings:

  • Earthy: 2/5
  • Citrus: 5/5
  • Fruity: 5/5
  • Spice: 2/5
  • Wood: 2/5

Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Zkittlez has a nominal THC content that averages around 20%. Unlike many strains, though, you’re more likely to find slightly less-potent batches on the shelves of your local dispensary (if they stock it at all, of course). Many reports put the average THC content of Zkittlez at retail outlets closer to 16% or so. The CBD content of this strain is very low.

Terpenes that contribute to the terrific scent and flavor of Zkittlez include limonene (citrus), nerolidol (fruit), myrcene (earth), and valencene (sweet), and there are decent amounts of pinene and humulene in there as well.


Various cultivators, including 3rd Gen Fam, Terp Hogz, and Dying Breed Seeds, have been given credit for breeding Zkittlez. And the specifics of its heritage are equally uncertain.

It’s pretty clear that sativa-leaning Grapefruit and indica-leaning Grape Ape were involved in what was probably a ménage à trois, but the third strain in the cross remains a mystery. Some think it was an Afghan landrace indica, but that’s just a guess. What is clear is that Grapefruit and Grape Ape contributed many of their fruit-based terps to make Zkittlez taste so good.

Similar Strains

Dessert strains have skyrocketed in popularity over the last five years, and there are many candy- and fruit-flavored alternatives to choose from, with many delivering highs somewhat similar to Zkittlez. Some to consider include Candyland, Cherry Cookies, Sherbet, Grape Cookies, Gelato, and Cherry Berry.

Zkittlez Strain Review: FAQ

Q: So Zkittlez isn’t an overly potent strain?
A: Not exactly. Other strains with higher THC content are certainly available at your local dispensary, but potency isn’t simply a function of THC level. Weed’s “power” is also affected by its indica and sativa effects and the way they’re delivered. So while Zkittlez isn’t necessarily a high-THC strain, its effects can be quite potent, particularly for less-experienced users.

Q: I’ve seen mentions of a bunch of other strains like Blue Zkittlez, Zkittlemints, Zkittlez Cake, and Cherry Zkittlez. Are they the same as Zkittlez?
A: You’ve only scratched the surface. There are dozens of “Zkittlez strains,” most produced by crossing the “original” Zkittlez with another strain or by crossing a descendant of Zkittlez with a second strain. Some of the best are Lemon Zkittlez (a Zkittlez and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk cross) and Gorilla Zkittlez, an extremely potent cross of Zkittlez and GG4.